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Proudly Supporting Fire Prevention Week

This week marks the 91st annual national Fire Prevention Week, organized by the National Fire Protection Association. Running from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15, the theme of this year’s Fire Prevention Week is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date. Replace smoke alarms every 10 years.”

At LiveWatch we’re proud to support the cause of fire safety. Here are five tips we suggest for protecting your home from fire:

Keep your smoke detectors in working order

As per this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, make absolutely sure that you are keeping your smoke detectors up-to-date. Three out of every five fire-related deaths occur in homes where there are no working smoke alarms. For optimal safety, make sure you have at least one smoke detector on each floor of your house and one outside the door of each bedroom. You should test your detectors once every month and change the batteries twice a year.

Maintain your heating appliances

Stoves, dryers and furnaces are common accidental fire starters. Unless you’re an expert yourself, you should bring in a professional once a year to ensure your appliances are in proper working order.

Be careful with electricity

When charging multiple computers, phones, cameras or other rechargeable devices, beware of tangle and clutter. Webs of knotted cords are electrical fire hazards. Extension cords and power strips also contribute to this danger and using too many can overload your outlets, so be conscious of how many devices you are plugging in at a single time.

Clean and organize regularly

Organizing piles of paper work and throwing out old used boxes aren’t usually the most exciting items on the priority list, but large amounts of disorganized recycling can serve as kindling for house fires. Filing your papers in cabinets and getting rid of your extra boxes and paper bags will make it harder for potential fires to spread throughout your home.

Purchase fire extinguishers

In case an unfortunately timed spark happens to ignite something you own, it’s always good to have a fire extinguisher on each floor of your house. It’s best to keep these devices near potential sources of fire like the aforementioned stoves, dryers and furnaces. Also make sure you’ve acquainted yourself with how fire extinguishers work.

In honor of fire safety week, we’re giving away a free LiveWatch FireFighter with every new security system purchased. The all new LiveWatch firefighter relays smoke alarms from anywhere in your home to your control panel, allowing for the most accurate heat and smoke reporting. Our security consultants are available to help you pick a system that fits your safety needs.

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