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Five Tips to Make Halloween Fun and Safe for Everyone

There’s no holiday quite like Halloween. With the creative dressing up, the abundance of candy, and the opportunity to spend time out and about the neighborhood in beautiful fall weather, there’s plenty of fun to be had for parents and children alike. That being said, there are certainly some safety precautions to take when celebrating this spooky holiday. Here are five simple tips you can follow to keep the fun safe for family, neighbors, and fellow trick-or-treaters:

Encourage Safe Costumes

Help your children pick out costumes that won’t inhibit their movement or line of sight. Adequate eyeholes are a must. For extra safety, consider placing reflective tape on your children’s clothing or candy bag so drivers and cyclists can see them clearly at night.

Teach about Safe Candy

Make sure your kids know not to eat any candy that comes from an open or otherwise tampered-with wrapper. After all, there’s plenty of candy to be had even if a couple pieces are no good.

Drive with Care

If you’re planning to take the car out for any reason, make sure to take extra care when traveling through residential neighborhoods. You can never underestimate an excited trick-or-treater’s ability to forget to look both ways for cars.

Prepare Your Walkways

If you plan to accept trick-or-treaters at your home, make sure to clear your sidewalk and steps of any tripping hazards. If you have any jack-o'-lanterns, make sure they are placed out of reach for pets and children; no one wants to end the fun with a singed costume or something worse.

Don’t Forget to Lock Up

Though this post is supposed to be focused on creating safe fun, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t squeeze in one home security tip. Remember to lock your doors and arm your security system if you go out for Halloween festivities. There are more people out on the streets on Halloween than usual, and although most of these people are well-intentioned, you can never be too safe when it comes to home security.


The LiveWatch team wishes you and your family a happy Halloween. Safe trick-or-treating!

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