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Here Are Three of Today's Best Mobile Safety Tools

The advancement of mobile technology has substantially increased the convenience of numerous aspects of our daily lives, and Personal safety is no exception. Whether you’re looking for an extra security measure for yourself as you travel alone or an app your children can use to check in when they’re out and about, there’s most likely a service that fits your needs. Today we combed through the dozens of mobile options out there for protecting yourself and your property, and boiled them down to three great tools you can use to boost your security:

SafeTrek: SafeTrek is a free iOS app that offers a simple but effective way to call for help in an emergency. If you feel you are walking somewhere unsafe, you open the app and hold your thumb on the safe button. When you release your thumb, the app prompts you to enter a four digit code. If you enter the code successfully, nothing happens, but if you don’t the app calls the police. Overall, SafeTrek provides a quick and indiscrete way to get emergency help with a low risk of sending false alarms.

Kitestring: Kitestring is a web-based personal safety service. Before leaving your home, you can specify a check-in time and a list of emergency contacts through the Kitestring site. The service will then send you a text message at the check-in time. If you are unable to respond, Kitestring will text your emergency contacts, letting them know that something may be amiss. For added security, you can specify required code words as part of your check-in response, so potential criminals cannot disable Kitestring simply by taking control of your phone.

ASAPer: Our Patented ASAPer “as soon as possible” emergency response system is the nation’s fastest way to resolve home alarm events. When an alarm is triggered on your property, ASAPer creates a chat room between you and your emergency contacts, allowing the group to assess the situation. Once the chat room has been created, the group can choose to call for police assistance or declare a false alarm. If ASAPer is unable to reach you, it will call the police to come and make sure everything at home is safe.

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