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3 Home Safety Tips for Winter

The holiday season has come and gone.  Your home is full of wonderful new toys and gadgets that your loved ones bought for you or that you treated yourself to.  It is very natural for us to be careful with packages and to be cautious of burglars around the the holidays, but this may be a prime time for break ins while your guard is down.


We wanted to share with you a few simple tips to make sure your home isn’t a target for burglars all year long, not just around the holidays.

Be Sure to Lock Up 

Make sure to lock your doors and windows.  I’m personally guilty of not locking my doors if I’m running to the corner shop to grab myself an ingredient for dinner.  A break in carried out by professionals can be over in just a number of minutes.  Don’t even give “the bad guys” the opportunity.  Worse yet, walking in on a break in can result in an extremely dangerous situation for you and your loved ones.  To provide extra security, make sure to also lock your deadbolt.

Garage Safety

Lock your garage when you are not using it.  Even though shovels and rakes probably aren’t your most prized possessions, other high ticket items may find their home in your garage.  Grills, automobiles, and even hidden house keys can easily go missing from your garage if you aren’t careful.  If you have a security system, consider putting a motion detector or a garage door sensor in place for added security.

The Power of Light

Use lights to your advantage.  Lights are a natural deterrent to burglars since they give the impression that someone is home.  An even more effective way to use lights as a safety tool is to purchase timers for your lights or motion triggered lights for your front door.  A great way to do this is with home automation technology.  LiveWatch offers home automation capabilities with professional alarm monitoring.  


Questions?  Comments?  We’d love to hear your feedback and interact with you. Please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment there.

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