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The Paramedic Way


Picture the following scenario:  You are at work and you receive a phone call from a 1-800 number.  Naturally, you assume it is a telemarketer of some sort and you hit ignore.  The caller persists calling again and again.  After the third attempt, you finally pick up.  You realize that it is your home security provider calling to inform you that your alarm has gone off and there is potentially a break in at your home.  Your heart is racing and you quickly do a mental tally of where your spouse and your children are.  Sweat beads are now forming on your forehead as you frantically call around to make sure everyone is okay.  

Okay.  Admittedly, that is slightly dramatized depiction, but not out of the realm of possibility.  I don’t know about you, but I’d do almost anything to avoid this type of nightmare situation.

 The most important thing when it comes to home security is speed.  LiveWatch prides itself on changing the security industry with its patented technology known as ASAPer - As Soon As Possible Emergency Response.

When LiveWatch’s founder, Christopher Johnson, was working as a paramedic, he saw both the importance of and the need for quick response times in a real emergency situation. “Traditional” methods of home security dial through a contact list, often from an 800 number, resulting in wasted minutes in a possibly life or death situation.

LiveWatch has changed the game by introducing ASAPer.  ASAPer takes out the unnecessary wait times and contacts you and your loved ones in thirty seconds of an alarm going off.  The traditional methods of calling and emailing are still in place as an added back up, but ASAPer cuts down on the needless waiting by pulling everyone into a mobile chat room as soon as an alarm goes off.  With this technology, false alarms can be resolved instantly or the police can be dispatched in the case of a real emergency.

If you value quick response time, check out LiveWatch's ASAPer technology.


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