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Six Easy Things You Can Do Now to Secure Your New Home

Though the word burglar can bring to mind the image of a menacing villain, in reality most burglars are nothing more than common thieves, easily deterred by basic security precautions. Because most burglars are amateurs, there are many simple actions you can take to keep burglars out of your home. If you just bought or moved into a new home, you can put some basic safety measures into place immediately. We’ve narrowed these measures down to the essentials. Here are six tips to get you started protecting your new property:

Use the right locks

Outer doors are your home’s first line of defense, so install deadbolt locks if you haven’t already. Standard key-in-knob doors are vulnerable to basic lock-picking techniques, but deadbolts take a lot of skill to break. Also if your doors have glass panels, make sure they are at least three feet above the inside part of the lock—this makes it harder for potential thieves to smash the glass and reach inside to unlock the door.

Use your lights for intimidation

Lighting scares away potential burglars because it creates the allusion someone might be home, even if that’s not the case. You should make sure the entries to your home are illuminated at all times so you can see any unwanted visitors from inside before they make it to the door. Alternatively, if you have a home security system, you could use a motion sensor to turn on the lights anytime someone walks towards the entryway.

Secure your windows

Climbing through a window can be an easy way for a burglar to enter your house, but if the burglar has to smash thick glass, they will draw unwanted attention. Make breaking and entering harder for burglars by installing storm windows with multi-layer glazing. Also make sure the windows are equipped with locks on the inside. Glass-break sensors, which also come with home security systems, can trigger an alarm to call for an efficient emergency response.

Trim your bushes

Plants and shrubs provide an opportunity for burglars to conceal themselves, so make sure nothing green outside your window grows taller than the windowsill.

Make the occupancy of your garage a secret

Whether you’re on vacation or out to the store for five minutes, your garage door should be closed and windows covered. It’s best to make would-be burglars think you’re just inside watching TV.

Install a wireless home security system

Wireless home security systems, like the ones we sell at LiveWatch, simplify all of the above security measures and they also give you a quick way to get emergency responders to your property. When equipped with the right array of sensors, a security system can simultaneously protect all parts of your home including doors, windows, garages and bedrooms. The alarm monitoring that comes with all professional systems ensures that police will arrive on your property to apprehend potential burglars.

LiveWatch security consultants are available to help you customize an easily self-installable security system that fits your individual safety needs. LiveWatch systems come with our patented ASAPer technology, which gives you an easier way to communicate with your loved ones and the police in an emergency.

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