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The Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe at All Times

At LiveWatch we’re passionate about helping families live safer and more comfortable lives. A major aspect of family safety we haven’t discussed recently is child safety. Today we took an informal survey of the parents in our office to learn about their favorite child safety tips. We compiled the top 10 tips into a list you can follow to help keep your child safe at all times. Here they are:

1. Always Use Car Seats

Be sure your young children always ride in appropriately-sized car seats. For help determining the safest car seat for your child you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Parent Center.

2. Be Mindful of Food Cleanliness

Stay aware of when and where your child is eating. Make sure they are eating in well-cleaned locations and that the food has been prepared properly. It’s also a great idea to help your child grow accustomed to always washing their hands before they eat.

3. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Create an emergency plan for your children and family. Whether it’s choosing an outdoor meeting place where everyone can convene in the case of a fire or determining the most secure location in your basement to take shelter during a tornado, you can never be too prepared.

4. Encourage Healthy Living

Help your child discover a daily routine that is both healthy and enjoyable. Make sure they have ample time to exercise and be outdoors, but also plan activities that are both relaxing and mentally stimulating.

5. Don’t Skip Doctor’s Appointments

 Take your child to regular physician’s checkups and be vigilant about keeping their immunizations up-to-date. Strongly consider taking your child to the doctor if they ever feel sick for more than a couple consecutive days.

6. Be Your Own Poison Control

Keep all cleaning and/or landscaping chemicals locked in cabinets as far above the ground as possible. Using cabinets that are far away from accessible climbing spots is a plus.

7. Choose Smart Toys

Ensure that your child only has access to safe toys. Sharp edges and easily swallowed objects should be avoided at all costs.

8. Use Safety Gates

Install sturdy safety gates in front of stairs and other potentially unsafe areas of your home to prevent your babies and toddlers from hurting themselves while wandering.

9. Take Caution with Hot Water

Avoid setting your hot water heater to more than 120 degrees F. This will reduce the chance that your child scalds themselves while washing their hands or learning to prepare their own shower. 

10. Protect Your Home with a Security System

Security systems keep burglars away, but they can also be used to check up on your children remotely. You can use a LiveWatch Security System to receive notifications when your children get home safely or watch them playing in the yard from anywhere using your smartphone.


How many of these tips are you already putting into practice? What else would you have included? Let us know by tweeting @LW_Security.

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