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These Security Camera Stats Will Make You Feel Safe

Modern security cameras are physically tiny, but they sure can pack a punch when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones from thieves and burglars. Read on to learn more about the statistically-proven benefits of security cameras and monitoring.

Automobile Theft and Transit Crime Prevention: According to a 2009 study, the installation of security cameras in parking lots leads to an estimated 51 percent drop in automobile-related crime. The study also states that the installation of security camera systems on public transportation lead to a 23 percent decrease in crime experienced by mass transit travelers.

General Crime and Disorder Reduction: This 2013 study suggests that there is an overall reduction in crime rates within a 150 foot radius of installed security cameras, and a general drop in public disorder within a 350 foot radius. The authors conclude that the visible presence of cameras acts as a significant crime deterrent.

Protection from Street Robberies: A 2012 study conducted in South Korea determined robberies were 47.4 percent less likely to occur in public areas with security cameras than they were in areas lacking surveillance and monitoring.

Neighborhood Safety: A 2011 Chicago study showed that properly installed and monitored security cameras can lead to a 20 percent drop in monthly crime rates across an entire neighborhood. Properly installed cameras in the city’s Humboldt Park neighborhood quelled a recent spike in crime and kept crime rates consistently lower thereafter, while an improperly monitored system in the West Garfield Park failed to affect crime rates.

LiveWatch security consultants are experts in security cameras and monitoring. Call today for help assembling an affordable customized system that meets your individual needs.

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